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2019 is the year I fell in love with dyeing yarn. A few years ago I tried dyeing yarn but looking back I didn't use the best quality of yarn. This time around I meant to dye with natural materials and it didn't work out so I pulled out my acid dyes and realized the magic. Now I just can't get enough. You can find yarn in the shop.


I began my knitting journey in 2011 by knitting hats on looms, then it turned in to arm knitting scarves, and then I finally had the courage to pick up some needles. I've been knitting ever since. Hats and scarves have always been my go to but I am slowly making my way into the garment world. 2016 is when I decided to give crochet a second try and with my knowledge from knitting I was finally able to understand it and now I crochet just as much as I knit.


I've been designing since I first began knitting, thats what we creatives do, but 2019 is the year I put out my first official pattern The Phoenix Cowl. Slowly but surely I'll be creating more designs. Stay tuned. Testing is also something I've loved since discovering it. I love having a chance to connect with designers and fellow makers while checking math and grammar. It gives me a chance to put my photography background to use and help promote awesome designers.


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