Giving Thanks for the Fall

Fall. What a wonderful, busy, crazy time of year.

I have been deep in market prep, design work, and all the creative endeavors.

Through out the busyness I try my hardest to remember to slow down and take time to embrace the season I am in. To take time and have gratitude for all that is in my professional and personal life.

This past Wednesday I wrapped up my 2019 Yoga teaching season at Whimsy and Blue and Elmore. I am so thankful for my students and all the wonderful humans I have met through teaching at Whimsy. Whimsy and Blue was the first place to take me on as a teacher and it is so wild to think I've been teaching Yoga for 11 months. So incredibly thankful for Sandy at Whimsy and Blue for having me and can't wait to start back up in 2020.

P.S. Whimsy and Blue is an adorable boutique in Elmore, OH and they are now online and will be having some Black Friday deals. ;)

This Saturday will be my 5th market of the Fall season and then I will have 3 remaining for December. It has been a wild Fall full of making and managing my time while trying to fit in some down time for personal projects. I have learned that 9 markets is kind of a lot and maybe next year I would tone it down. It is such a blast to be able to travel and have a career as a maker and I am thankful.

This Fall also brought me so many fiber friends through The Makers Retreat. I knew quite a few already but we were able to connect even more and I was able to meet and connect with even more makers. I have made so many incredible friendships this season and it can be hard living so far away but thanks to social media and Marco Polo, I can stay connected.

Thankful for the accountability that comes with having fiber friendships. Having people to vent to or talk over ideas. So many people to thank for pushing me in the best ways to pursue my dreams of design, yarn dyeing, and blogging.

Lastly for todays blog I am thankful to my husband, Zach. The guy who is always there to listen whether or not he has a clue of what I'm talking about, who gives advice on things he knows nothing about. I love him and give thanks for him daily. He hasn't ever stood in the way of my dreams but has allowed me freedom and support to pursue them. Guys, 2019 has been so good to me and I look forward to the goodness and growth that will come in 2020.

Thank you for reading and being here on this journey with me.

<3 Rin

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