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    Markets, Coffee, and Yarn!

    Updated: Oct 10, 2019

    Hello my beautiful friends!

    How are you all doing?! Today's blog will be an overview of what September has been and what the rest of the year will be like. It has been an incredibly busy month and nothing is slowing down here until after the new year. I kind of lost my mind and applied to quite a few markets and I officially signed up for 7 with 2 already done and some more in the works.

    I just got so excited to travel to different places and meet all the people. This year I've added hand dyed yarn to my booth and it has made it even more exciting meeting people and getting to talk about yarn, knitting, and crochet. Instead of people secretly saying they knit or crochet while looking at my items it seems the yarn has made people more open to talking about this amazing craft.

    Hand Dyeing yarn has been quite the adventure and I absolutely love it. It has been great conversation at my past two markets and I think I'm going to have to dye up some more for my holiday shows.

    There is just such a joy in seeing people get excited about things I worked hard to create. That is one of the major reasons I signed up for so many markets, because I get to meet so many people and have creative conversations.

    The most popular product of the month has been pumpkins. People cannot get enough and I love it. My mom has been so awesome and selling them to her friends at work. I joked that next year I'm giving her an order form like she's a Girl Scout.

    I love knitting them but I think my favorite part is making them each unique with lace, ribbon, and a foraged stick from my back yard.

    Tonight I'll be hosting a Knit Pumpkin Workshop at my favorite local yarn store, Crafty Needle Yarns and Threads in Elmore, Ohio. I'll be hanging out with some knitters making adorable knit pumpkins. If you are ever in the area you need to visit their shop. They have all sorts of yarns and even local hand dyed as well. Local hand dyed yarn is what I am always on the hunt for when visiting yarn shops, so this is something I so appreciate.

    Speaking of Crafty Needle Yarns and Threads, I received this beautiful Malabrigo Yarn duo from their shop and its working up like a dream. I CAN'T wait to show you the finished project on the blog in October. Hint Hint* It's going to be a funky cowl of sorts.

    September has pretty much consisted of getting my markets in order, market prep, pumpkins, buying yarn, pumpkins, market prep, pumpkins...you see the trend. Haha.

    It has been a really great and tiring month but I'm excited to be alive and so very grateful that I get to spend my days working with yarn.

    Market Display! The thing that causes me the most stress and most excitement. I really enjoy decorating but dealing with the unknowns of markets like what will my actual space size be, will everything fit, how will the weather be, and on and on stresses me out. Both markets of September have worked out great. The first market was the Toledo Night Market and they provided an 8 foot table which was a really great size and I was able to fit pretty much everything I had brought.

    My booth at The Columbus Coffee Fest (pictured above) was 10x10 and in the grass which was great for my tent because I could stake it down instead of using weights - which I definitely prefer. If only I could have this much space at every market ever - haha. I had originally brought the white storage cube shelf to stand as a checkout station but the ground was uneven so I decided to put it on my table and fell in love. It gave my table different heights and I believe it helped draw people in as there was something at everyones eye level. I'm thinking it may come with me to every show.

    The favorite items of the Coffee Fest were the Coffee Beanies designed by Lady Jay Crochet and my BIG scarves/hats designed by myself.

    September markets were a success even with the ridiculous temperatures and as always I have so much gratitude for the people who support my work.

    But most of all, I am so grateful for the support of my husband.

    We celebrated 6 years of marriage on the 27th by driving down to Columbus and staying in a crappy hotel to prepare for my first 2 day market. I am so eternally grateful for this human being who supports me whether he wants to or not on all my crazy adventures.

    So that's a wrap on September. I hope you had a great month and if not I hope October brings goodness.