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    The Knitted Pumpkin

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    The Knitted Pumpkin has been a hit this Fall season and I LOVE making them. I was asked to do a Knit Pumpkin Workshop at my local yarn store (Crafty Needle and Threads in Elmore, OH) The workshop went so well and I had such a blast. I hope to do more workshops in the future.

    I thought I would share with you how I make my pumpkins. It is a rather simple pattern but everyone has different methods of doing things so I thought I would share mine.

    The Knitted Pumpkin is a simple knit tube that is cinched closed on one end, stuffed, and then since closed on the other end.

    Materials you may need: 10mm Circular or double pointed, 1 Tapestry Needle for sewing, Bulky or Super Bulky Yarn Material to stuff pumpkin, Stick or Cinnamon Stick for Stem.
     Optional: Ribbon/Twine for decorating

    For my pumpkins I use Wool Ease Thick and Quick from Lion Brand Yarn.

    Gauge: Gauge is not super important but keep in mind that the thicker the yarn the bigger the pumpkin.If you use thinner yarn size down your needles to the suggested needle size.

    Notes: To make a larger pumpkin, cast on more stitches and knit more rows. For a smaller pumpkin cast on less stitches and knit less rows. Double pointed needles will come in handy for smaller pumpkins.

    Cast on 31 stitches - Join in the round - To do this make sure the stitch you casted on last is on the right needle, slip the first stitch from the left needle to the right, then pass stitch you casted on last over the slipped stitch. You have now have 30 stitches on your needles.

    Knit 20 rows

    Cut your working yarn about 5 inches from the knitting needles. Then cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long to sew through all of the live stitches.

    Attach the scrap yarn to your tapestry needle and sew through the live stitches slipping them off of the knitting needles one by one. When all the stitches are off of the knitting needles turn the project inside out and pull the scrap yarn tight and tie it closed.

    Next you will need to sew in and out of the stitches on the other end of the project. To do this cut another 12 inch piece of yarn and use the tapestry needle to weave in and out of the stitches. Leave this side open and stuff the pumpkin as full as you would like, then tie this side closed leaving a little bit of space to insert a stem.

    To create the ridges of the pumpkin you will cut a 3 foot piece of yarn. Using your tapestry needle start at the bottom of the pumpkin, insert the needle through the cinched center and up through the top leaving about 6 inches of a tail on the bottom, wrap around the outside of the pumpkin and sew through the bottom center and up through the top again. Pull tight. Do this 4-6 and then tie the ends together. Sew in ends.

    Add your stem and any other embellishments, and you have yourself an adorable knit pumpkin.

    There you go! You have yourself the cutest knit pumpkin - easy peasy.

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    Happy Knitting,