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    The Phoenix Cowl

    Updated: Oct 10, 2019

    Monday July 15th, 2019 - This is a day I shall remember.

    I have been creating with yarn for years now but this is a first. Today I released my very first knitting pattern into the world. Happy sigh.

    I might not sell a single pattern, but thats alright with me because releasing this pattern in the first place is a big deal. I finally found the courage to share a pattern that I designed with the world and that's enough.

    The idea for The Phoenix Cowl began with some yarn and a button. I have had this weird textured yarn for years; it was one of the first fancy yarns I had bought from a local yarn store. It is weird because it is multiple yarns in one. For example you will be knitting with a single ply wool and then it turns into a fabric, really odd but I wanted to use it for something special.

    I also have had wooden buttons that my friend Jenna from A Cute Deign created for me. She's a rockstar with a laser printer. She made me some buttons with mandalas lasered onto them and they are so beautiful and you can actually purchase them in her shop.

    I had been thinking about my buttons and the odd yarn and a vision just came to me - a simple cowl with a button hole. The original Phoenix Cowl is pictured above in beige textured yarn. I like it but I felt it could be made better and I wanted to see how it would look in a more regular yarn.

    Among the designing I was actually delving into yarn dyeing. I originally wanted to learn how to dye with natural materials, so I had bought a few skeins of yarn and attempted to naturally dye with some flowers from my yard. Well it failed epically so I decided to grab my Greener Shades dyes and throw them on top of the failed attempt of natural dyeing. The result was better than I could have imagined, which led me to dyeing more yarn with my Greener Shades dye. The photo to the right was the result of dyeing over my failed attempt to naturally dye. I called her phoenix, which lead to the name of the pattern.

    I was just over the moon with this yarn that as soon as it dried I wound it into a ball and began my second attempt at my design.

    This was it. This was going to be my first design. What's crazy is I have been contemplating pattern design for a long time but this design just came to me and then that same week I did a tester call. Here we are a few weeks later and I did it, I listened to that inner voice and finally released my own design.

    The way it came to me reminded me of Liz Gilbert the author of Big Magic. In her book she describes creative ideas as conscious things that come to people in hopes to become a reality. It felt as if the idea was alive and I had the honor of bringing it into the world. The whole design has been magic to me.

    So among this pattern design I discovered a love for dyeing yarn. It really has been so fun getting to play with color and see what it looks like when its all done. I could talk a lot more on the subject but I'm going to keep this post short and leave yarn dyeing for another day.

    If you like The Phoenix Cowl and want to make your own you can get the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

    I also released a line of Hand Dyed Mini Skeins - they are beautiful and I'm so excited to send them to new homes. You can find those here.

    Get your own Mandala button from Jenna here.

    Thanks for reading,