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    The PUNKin (Free Knitting Pattern)

    Updated: Oct 11, 2019

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    Hey my punk friends!

    I am excited to release my first FREE pattern, it's one my punk heart loves and I hope your's does too. A checkered design fused with a fall pumpkin results in the PUNKin. It has been on my mind for awhile to create some checkered patterns so here is the first one. Enjoy!

    For the ad free and printer friendly version get it here.

    Find your 9mm 16in circular needles, two skeins of super bulky yarn. (I used Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Black and a Creme from Lion Brand Yarn) If you want to make it extra cute go exploring for a fallen stick or go pick out some delicious smelling cinnamon sticks for the stem.

    Begin by loosely casting on 33 stitches (long tail cast on) with the cream colored yarn.

    The stitch you casted on last (where the working yarn and tail will be) should be on your right hand needle. Slip the first stitch you casted on (it's on the left needle) to the right needle then pass over the last stitch you cast on, over the first. You now have 32 stitches on your needles. (Make sure the stitches are not twisted)

    *Note: I highly recommend throwing on some punk rock or ska to really create a mood, I love some Reel Big Fish or Rancid.*

    Now you are ready to knit in the round.

    Knit one complete row with the cream yarn, then move on to Step 1 to begin checkered pattern.

    Step 1.) *Knit 4 stitches in the cream colored yarn, then

    Knit 4 stitches in the black yarn* repeat around. [Repeat step 1 for a total of 4 rows]

    Step 2.) *Knit 4 stitches in the black yarn, Knit 4 stitches in the cream yarn*repeat around. [Repeat step 2 for a total of 4 rows]

    Repeat Step 1 and Step 2, two times - there should be 4 rows of checkered squares (a total of 17 knit rows, 1 cream row and 16 in the checkered pattern.

    Now you will knit one entire row with the black yarn and then you are ready to finish the PUNKin.

    Go find your tapestry needle and cut some black yarn. Thread your needle and sew through all of the live stitches pulling them off the needles. Once all of the stitches are off the knitting needles you can put them away.

    Turn the PUNKin inside out and pull the the two ends that are sewn through the stitches tight then tie all three strands of yarn into a knot.

    You are now ready to fill up your PUNKin with stuffing. (I use Poly-fil or scrap yarn)

    When you are content with the plumpness of your PUNKin get another long piece of yarn and sew in and out of the stitches on the open end.

    When finished pull the yarn tight leaving a bit of a hole for your stem.

    Before placing the stem in the hole you will want to sew some yarn starting at the bottom near the center hole leaving a tail. Sew through the top and through a stitch that near the center then sew back down to the bottom. Tie tight to bring the top and bottom closer together to create the pumpkin shape.

    Go find some ribbon, lace, some yarn, or maybe even some pins and decorate your PUNKin in whatever punky way you want.

    You now have yourself the cutest little PUNKin ever.

    I would LOVE to see your creations! You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #theknitPUNKin #rinknitsandstuff

    For an Ad free and printable version here!

    Happy Making!



    P.S. If you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot me an email or message.