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    The Slipped Beanie

    Updated: Dec 16, 2019


    I cannot believe it is December. Where did this year go?! Anyways I thought I would write up a little blog to talk about The Slipped Beanie.

    The Slipped Beanie. Sigh. I just love it. I wanted to take a simple beanie and make it look fancy. I didn't want the pattern itself to be complicated but easy to follow with fancy results.

    The beanie is made from knit and slipped stitches to create a beautiful luxe texture. I found some pretty glorious yarn from Joann Fabrics. Buttercream Cozy is made from 50% Superwash wool and 50% Acrylic and it feels so luxurious.

    I of course added a pom to complete my look but it actually looks amazing with out a pom as well. Over the weekend my husband and I were away and he had forgotten his hat so I had him wear a Slipped Beanie without a pom and it looked so good.

    Guys, I really love this beanie and I hope you do to. The pattern is now available on Ravelry and Etsy.

    Thanks for reading,


    P.S. If you love free patterns...I designed this fun Christmas beanie for Cover USA and you can find it on their blog here. If you prefer a printable PDF you can purchase that here.