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    Weekend Recap and the Importance of Community

    Updated: Oct 10, 2019

    As I sit at my desk with the front door open, listening to the rain, I am reflecting on my weekend. It was so busy, tiring, but oh so good.

    The weekend began on Friday, and I had the honor of photographing a wedding for the sweetest couple. It was wonderful not capturing their love, but being surrounded around great friends that I've had for years. Weddings as a photographer are always long, exhausting, but getting to capture such an important day for a couple in love is truly a joy.

    I finished with the reception around 9:30pm and quickly left to rush to the hospital to photograph the birth of my newest niece. I have never been so tired and filled with so much joy and love. I still can't believe that I photographed a wedding and birth all in the same day. Saturday I taught a yoga class at 9am and then retreated home to lay in bed most of the day trying to recover from Friday. Later that evening my husband and I went back to the hospital to spend time with our new niece and family. Our hearts are so full.

    Sunday! The day I had actually been anticipating the whole week.

    Taking it back about a month, my good friend Jenna from A Cute Design messaged me telling me she was applying to test Sierra's new pattern (Sierras Crafty Creations) and that I should too. Being the crazy person I am I went for it; I have a hard time not applying to test things because it's something I really enjoy.

    We both got in to test it and about a week later our yarn arrived and we began our test. It was for a beautiful dress that is going to be released very soon. (When it's released I'll link to it) I was so excited to test for Sierra because she is a fellow Ohioan! I don't really know many makers from Ohio so I jumped at the chance to connect with her.

    I ended up messaging her offering to meet up and photograph her in her dress, because if you didn't know by now I kinda like photography (I've been a professional photog since 2011). She agreed and we set the date for June 9th so that I could attend their Knit Night at Joann's as well. So back to Sunday! I invited Jenna to join me, so she drove from Detroit to my home, and then we were off to the Columbus area to Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville. We arrived and got to photographing and hanging out.

    Besides the buckets of sweat and sunburn that happened, it was so much fun, the park was beautiful, and the photoshoot was a success. Enjoy the outtake of Jenna photographing me in front of the camera.

    After our fun shoot we went to get some sushi and chat in the delightful air conditioning. Then we wrapped up our quick lunch and headed to Joann Fabric's for Knit Night! Woo!

    We arrived to the giant store and Lori from Lunar Knits by Lori came running with a giant smile and showed us where to go. In the center of the store there's an area filled with tables and there was a large one in the middle surrounded with makers. The evening was spent knitting, crocheting, and chatting about all things in life. It was really incredible to connect with other makers because we have our craft in common but then we get to discover our similarities and differences that we have outside of our craft.

    I really enjoyed hearing about what the craft meant to each person, whether they did it for pure enjoyment, a full time job, a side business, or a business that transitioned to being just a personal project.

    The importance of COMMUNITY

    The definition of community is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

    Whether an introvert or extrovert it is important to have a community of some sort even if that means online or in person. A community is a place where you find something in common with a group of people, it should be a place to call home, and a place for support.

    There are times in every person's life when you NEED someone to talk to because life isn't easy and there is no need to try to go at everything alone and reflecting on yesterday and the people I met and listened to, I found people who related with me, who have similar struggles, and people who opened my eyes to their struggles and gave me a new perspective.

    Having a community is so important because it helps us to realize we are not alone but it also brings perspective to things we may not understand or experience in our own lives.

    2019 is a cool time where we have social media to help us find community. It has brought me to people like Sierra and Jenna. I found friends who share the same struggles, the same likes, but also are so different. They keep my mind open.

    If you don't have a community, want to add to your community, just reach out to people. The worst that will happen is that they say no or don't respond. You might just find a really awesome friend.

    Remember to be kind, spread love, and find joy in the little things.

    Have an awesome week,